This is a collection of web resources that Souper Stoners have found useful. There is another excellent list at the EdTech Teacher website, which you can find here. If you know of any other sites that you’d like to share, leave a note in the comments at the bottom of the page and we’ll add them to the list.


Blabberize – lets you animate a photo and record audio to make photos of people/animals talk

Fotobabble – lets you record audio and add it to a photo

Photofunia – photo effects site, great for fooling students into believing you’re a celebrity!

Pixlr-o-matic – more photo effects; like Instagram but miles better


Adrian’s pron chart blog – Adrian Underhill’s blog, with a wealth of resources for using the phonemic chart


ESL Discussions – discussion questions on every topic under the sun, for students to use in pairs

Teaching English – a range speaking activities from British Council Teaching English

Teacher Development Blogs

IH London Teachers – the DIY development blog at IH London that inspired this site

Chia Suan Chong’s blog – focusing on Dogme and SFL approaches to teaching

Lizzie Pinard’s blog – a good source of info on the latest research into ELT

Leo Selivan’s blog – focusing on teaching using the lexical approach


Film English – lesson plans built around high-quality short films

LessonStream – creative video lessons organised by level and grammar point


Memrise – vocabulary flashcards site, based around mnemonic tags

Quizlet – vocabulary flashcards site, includes memory games

Web 2.0 tools

Padlet – students can build and customise their own webpage, complete with text and pictures.


TodaysMeet – create ad hoc online chat rooms


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