Breaking free of the level



In the second Stone Soup of the year, we chatted about whether we should present language in such a way that elementary items are taught to elementary students, and advanced to advanced students. We came to the conclusion that there are a few things at play here:

  • The idea of “the harder the text, the easier the task” can work, but is maybe too simplistic. We need to take other things into consideration, i.e. learner needs and relevance
  • It could also work the other way: “The simpler the text, the harder the task”, e.g. concentrating on deeper, critical thinking skills and inference
  • In a perfect world, there would be no course books and we would go with the flow
  • BUT some teachers do need structure
  • We have the freedom to create materials and adapt them to suit our learners – we are not bound by the pages on the syllabus and can use the Can Do as a starting point
  • A lot of things come down to learner training – if we train learners to know they don’t need to understand everything, we can present them with “harder” texts



Further reading:

Nic found a related article in the Voices magazine and it is saved in the folder with the stone itself!

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